Huggy Escape Playtime MOD APK

Huggy Escape Playtime MOD APK

Huggy Escape Playtime MOD APK

Huggy Escape Playtime MOD APK

Huggy Escape Playtime MOD APK

Huggy Escape Playtime MOD APK Be the last survivor of this horror adventure – Huggy Woogie Escape Playtime

Explore more than Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Huggy Escape playtime game, an exciting survival horror puzzle adventure, and be the ultimate winner.
Huggy Escape Playtime is here a horror game for those who are looking for adventure. With amazing graphics and great sound effects, you will be instantly captivated. The objective is to survive for as long as possible, preferably without being killed by one of the many threats such as Huggy Woogie, Poppy, or even other toys.

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how to play:

  • Discover the story of Playtime Company, the popular and mysterious facility of Opium Playtime’s abandoned toy factory.
  • Finding the Grabpack Tool – A wearable backpack consisting of two prosthetic arms connected via steel wire and factory toys to make Huggy Woogie more likely to escape and escape.
  • Run, jump, use the grabpack and move heavy objects to find a way to escape
  • Don’t let Huggy and Woogie catch you, these scary dolls figure out where you are when it’s up to you to find them.

Game Features:

  • Blending the horror survival genre with a familiar puzzle adventure in the Huggy Woogie story
  • Fun, challenging and addictive escape adventure
  • Free and run your way from Huggy Woogie Monster
  • Awesome survival horror lurking everywhere around Playtime Co.

A horror game unlike any other with fantastic puzzles and challenges to test your amazing survival skills
Feel what it’s really like to be alone in the dark with the high-suspense horror adventure in Huggy Escape Playtime.

Experience a mix of excitement and fear as you try to find a way out of this frightening game.
Are you a lover of horror games, a lover of Poppy Huggy’s story? Let’s play Huggy Escape Playtime game now!!!

Huggy Escape Playtime MOD APK Features:


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