The Road Driver MOD APK 1.4.0

The Road Driver MOD APK

The Road Driver MOD APK

The Road Driver MOD APK

The Road Driver MOD APK

The Road Driver MOD APK is a Truck and Bus simulator game. Drive your truck or bus on the side of the roads in a wide environment!

Start by working for a transportation company and progress until you get your vehicle and become autonomous!

Buy your truck / trailer from a wide variety of vehicles (including bi-trains) that faithfully reproduce reality. More vehicles will be added soon.

Revamp your vehicles, such as you, paint, wheels, taillight, suspension height and other accessories!

Create Your Custom Skin!

The unique system of contracts, distributes cargo or passengers to companies/bus stations with their own trailer/bus.

Get on the map anytime, manage your routes and loads to maximize your income.

A wide range of control options (steering wheel, slider, arrow, tilt) with sensitivity adjustment and gamepad support.

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Realistic graphics with adjustment options.
-Real and Dynamic Weather (Sun, Cloudy, Rain, Day and Night).
-Electric data of reality-based breeding cities.

Walk with your character with customizable clothes and scenes!

The Road Driver MOD APK Features:

Unlimited Money