How to Message Anyone from Unknown Number in WhatsApp?

Back in 2010, when innovation took a jump and we all are surrendered in a way that we’d never had. It was when WhatsApp entered our lives just to change things until the end of time. It’s almost 8 years since the inception of WhatsApp messenger, Now, WhatsApp has gained a top spot in the messenger services. This messaging service is used by millions of users throughout the world.

How to Message Anyone from Unknown Number in WhatsApp?

Inferable from bewildering features and successive updates, WhatsApp has turned into the most well-known application for chatting with friends, family, and loved ones. We all send messages to other WhatsApp users on WhatsApp. However, are you seeking for a way to send a message on WhatsApp from an Unknown Number? Well, in this post, you will find the guide on how to message anyone from the Unknown number in WhatsApp. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Message Anyone from Unknown Number in WhatsApp

Well, before moving to the guide, there is plenty of prerequisites that are necessary. First, you have to download an app like Parallel Space in order to clone the WhatsApp application. Second, download Primo application to create an unknown number for WhatsApp. Best Web Hosting For Beginners 2019


• Download Parallel Space by clicking Here
• Download Primo by clicking Here

Follow Steps:

Step 1: Firstly, open a Parallel Space app on your Android device and make a WhatsApp clone.

Step 2: Now, launch the Primo app and generate unknown number by tapping on Add phone number under the side menu.

Note: In order to generate the Unknown phone number, you have to create an account on Primo app.

Step 3: Open the cloned WhatsApp app and enter the same number that you have recently generated and choose “Call me” as a verification option.

Step 4: Once the verification process completed, you can send a message to other WhatsApp users with a registered unknown number.


So, this is the guide on how to message anyone from an unknown number in WhatsApp. Hopefully, you have found this guide useful. If you are facing any problem while performing the above guide then, let me know by shooting down your query in the comments below.